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Permethrin - antiparasitic agent: protivopedikuleznoe, insecticidal, acaricidal. Action due to violation of ion permeability of sodium channels and inhibition processes of repolarization of the membrane of nerve cells in insects, which leads to paralyzing effect. Effective against nits, larvae and Mature specimens of head and pubic lice, fleas, ticks (including scabies), and other ectoparasites of the family of arthropods. Permethrin has a low toxicity to warm-blooded animals and humans, and when applied to the skin in recommended doses and concentrations has kozhnorezorbtivogo, local irritating and sensitizing effect. Permethrin is used topically for lice. Cream or Permethrin shampoo. First, the hair is washed with regular shampoo and dried. Further, the cream or shampoo with Permethrin is applied in sufficient quantity to hair and skin, vtiraya in hair roots. The dosage depends on the density and length of hair. After the treatment the head is covered with a scarf. In 10-40 minutes (depending on dosage form) washed hair with warm running water with soap or shampoo.

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